Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cable channel drama fever

[Naver: Joy News 24] With the 'Reply 1988' and 'Cheese in the Trap' fever, public channels are faced with homework

1. [+7897, -34] Most of the fun dramas are from tvN these days..

2. [+4241, -32] Honestly, cable dramas win over public channels these days

3. [+2758, -30] It's because cable channel dramas are guaranteed to be fun

4. [+2754, -100] Cheese in the Trap is so fun.. ❤

5. [+1420, -19] Now if only Kim Hyesoo's Signal hits daebak, tvN needs to get an awards ceremony!

6. [+508, -8] What I realized watching Reply 1988 and Cheese in the Trap: Don't hate on a cast before the drama even starts

7. [+491, -8] From Oh My Ghostess to Reply 1988 and Cheese in the Trap, tvN dramas have been freaking fun

8. [+482, -9] I can't believe even their drama that airs at 11 p.m. did well ㄷㄷ How much more does tvN got to offer ㄷㄷ

9. [+373, -2] Public channel dramas are boring because they focus too much on ratings and use makjang. How could a drama like Murim School be even a thing in 2016? Amongst the three public channels, KBS loser is the worst at dramas

10. [+332, -6] tvN for dramas and JTBC for variety shows, yup. Watching public channels are a thing of the past.

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