Friday, December 18, 2015

Verbal Jint talks about his annual salary

[Naver: Sports Josun] Verbal Jint: "It's true last year's annual salary was 500 million, I thought it fell short"

1. [+2846, -101] There's really no need to worry or give attention to celebrities....

2. [+222, -99] He thought it fell short.....There are so many people working in Korea that don't even earn 3 million won, so isn't earning 500 million won really amazing? ㅜ

3. [+1517, -60] Please let me earn at least 10% of what Verbal Jint earns when I get hired

4. [+1300, -41] I'm sure the standards for the average company worker and musician is different...but I'm really jealous that he's in the position to be saying that 500 million won was lacking

5. [+1060, -50] Makes me jealous....

6. [+371, -8] So the people that don't even make 3,'s a given that they spend a couple hundreds on their concerts...and buy their music...worry about them....It's really so freaking pathetic

7. [+223, -7] Celebrities earn way more compared to what they actually do....

8. [+234, -11] This is why everyone and their mother is trying to become celebrities and release music. Even if they don't work as hard, they still earn a few hundred million wons in a year, more than what the average married couple can make in 2~3 years, even when they work their butt off. This is making me curse

9. [+186, -13] I think what he earned was excessive though...

10. [+149, -3] I would have no wishes if I earned even 100 million won

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