Monday, December 14, 2015

(UPDATE) Running Man under suspicions for plagiarizing a Japanese variety show game + Running Man PD admits and apologizes for plagiarizing

[Naver: Illgan Sports] 'Running Man' under suspicions for plagiarizing a popular Japanese show game "Currently checking"

PD Choi Sohyung "wasn't participating in the project meeting at that time, so it's hard to say anything for certain for now"

PD Im Hyungtaek is on a business trip right now so he cannot be reached.

SBS says they are "currently checking with staff".


1. [+2294, -46] If the PD in charge doesn't even know then who exactly is making Running Man?

2. [+1923, -102] We're always making a fuss how we're getting everything copied from jjanggaes (derogatory term for Chinese people), but in actuality, we're the ones copying a lot from the Japanese ㅡㅡ

3. [+996, -64] I thought it totally looked similar when I first saw it but just ignored it ㅋㅋ So I guess I wasn't the only one who thought that ㅋㅋ It was actually really similar that it surprised me ㅋ

4. [+892, -78] We're not in our place to say anything about jjanggaes because a lot of Korean variety shows are replicas of Japanese variety shows ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+662, -39] It looks the same. They really did copy it;;

6. [+111, 10] Running Man is not the only show to copy from Japanese broadcasts. I'm sure those that watch Japanese variety shows will know that well ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+89, -3] Who in this day and age believes that someone can't be reached with the excuse that they're on a business trip -_- They should just admit that they referenced it because it looked funny.

8. [+77, -2] US > Japan > Korea > China. Order of copying.

9. [+61, -2] When they made elderly couples from the country side do funny video messages, it was a copy from a Japanese show too ㅋ

10. [+55, -2] Looks like the writers didn't feel like creating new games. If there's nothing new to play just make them play rock paper scissors ㅋㅋㅋ

[Naver: Illgan Sports] 'Running Man' PD: "We admit to plagiarizing the Japanese game, an honest mistake"

1. [+4987, -276] But it's still nice to see him admit it instead of acting mighty like a certain someone

2. [+3015, -280] It's nice to see him cooly admit it. Just be more cautious and I hope to see a better show from now on!

3. [+2616, -233] It's nice to see him admit to it right away. It's way better than them ignoring the public like a certain someone

4. [+2082, -257] Thank you for the fast feedback...But I'll still like Running Man

5. [+1262, -127] It's nice to see them cooly him it...

5. [+212, -23] It's nice that he cleanly admitted to it, but plagiarism is not just a mistake. How can plagiarism be a mistake? Plagiarism is deliberately taking from the origin, that's not an accident.

6. [+167, -17] We even plagiarize Japan but if China plagiarizes something from our country, our media is so fast to report as if they're out to catch a mouse

8. [+104, -7] Yeah, even I could tell they plagiarized VS Arashi ㅋㅋ I was watching it and got so surprised ㅋㅋ

8. [+133, -17] Admitted it so cooly...ha....what a joke. Plagiarism is ruining this country. It's the same as an athlete saying they didn't know it was steroids.

10. [+113, -12] Can we please have the bells hide and seek games again...

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