Sunday, December 13, 2015

Memory filled props on 'Reply 1988'


Big camcorders

Dial phones

Mini casette tape players

88 cigarettes, Pine cigarettes

Memory filled foods

Door to door cosmetics sales

Leisure items

[Naver: M Herald Pop] Memories brought back by 'Reply 1988' ...'Memory items' 

1. [+2643, -92] Ah, seriously..Ryu Junyeol and Park Bogum are driving me crazy..Go Kyungpyo also makes my heart flutter....I should watch dramas simply as dramas, but I fell too deep....

2. [+1767, -23] It's no wonder this drama hit daebak, seeing how they put so much detail in everything

3. [+1325, -19] So many memories thinking back....I'm enjoying the drama~~

4. [+1241, -15] I sometimes watch it with my mom and she gets so excited when she relates to certain things ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+797, -35] Is this drama fun???? I should watch it when exams are over!

6. [+272, -8] This is honestly the best Reply edition....

7. [+227, -1] Barley rice tea in that orange juice container tasted so good ㅋ

8. [+191, -4] That Del Monte juice made out of glass was so heavy. Our family filled it with water and whenever we took it out, I remember being so careful because it was so heavy

9. [+182, -4] There was no such things as dementia back then. Memorizing 20~30 phone numbers were a given

10. [+179, -4] Getting together in the past meant talking and laughing and even watching TV together. These days, people just play with their phones when they get together ㅠㅠ Those really were the good times

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