Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lay and Krystal attends press conference for movie 'Biyeon'

[Naver: My Daily] Lay and Krystal holds a press conference at Beijing for movie 'Biyeon'

1. [+1266, -99] I'll be supporting Biyeon! Also, I understand that Lay is exclusively working in China, but as part of EXO, I hope he can share stages with the others. 

2. [+624, -39] Good looking couple..I hope the movie hits daebak!

3. [+620, -54] Krystal is pretty....

4. [+590, -51] Lay!! Please let us see you a lot more

5. [+431, -32] Wow, they're both pretty and handsome

6. [+58, -8] How stressed Lay must've been about OT8 if he said not to forget that he's also a member of EXO at the showcase? He even got a rash on his eye, being all tired from traveling back and forth from Korea to China, but still did the concert. People who support OT8 aren't even fans so I don't get why he said such things

7. [+64, -10] Lay is cool and Soojung is pretty 

8. [+51, -6] Soojung-ie is so pretty ㅠㅠ Don't injure yourself and I hope the movie filming goes well~

9. [+35, -1] I know fans are nervous because three members left without a word, but whenever Lay goes to Chinese variety shows and broadcast, he always introduces himself as EXO's Lay and talks a lot about EXO. He's always expressing how sorry he feels because he can't promote with the members so the fans should trust him. Honestly speaking, the fans who know everything should trust him for the non-fans to trust him and muggles to understand. So just view Lay as a member of EXO as well. 

10. [+47, -6] Don't get hurt, Soojung, and prepare well for the movie!! Although I think you already injured your hand ㅠㅠ It's cold, so be careful not to catch a cold as well 

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