Saturday, December 26, 2015

'93 line actors: Yoo Seungho, Park Bogum, Seo Kangjun

[Naver: Segye Ilbo] Yoo Seungho, Park Bogum, Seo Kangjun, era of the small screen for '93 line male actors

1. [+2693, -96] Park Bogum seems like a promising actor

2. [+1931, -132] Army service completed vs. Not completed

3. [+1475, -33] Yoo Seungho and Park Bogum will become big~

4. [+2194, -313] Park Bogum, Seo Kangjun = incomplete army service. They will never win over Yoo Seungho no matter what they do.

5. [+843, -45] Even for males, it's nice to see them young~ They look so youthful and fresh

6. [+434, -13] Yoo Seungho always had recognition and Park Bogum will hit big this time, but Seo Kangjun doesn't really hold anything

7. [+351, -10] Park Bogum has really pretty eyes~~~~ Asians don't really have "eyes that speak", but for Yoo Seungho and Park Bogum, their eyes are different. They'll become big..~

8. [+348, -12] Yoo Seungho and Park Bogum are too strong

9. [+331, -11] I was surprised how handsome Yoo Seungho looked in 'Remember', and got surprised how handsome Park Bogum looked in Music Bank

10. [+361, -5] Yoo Seungho and Seo Kangjun are the same age? ㅋㅋㅋ I'm Seo Kangjun's fan but ㅎ for a '93er, he looks pretty old ㅎ

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