Thursday, November 12, 2015

'With You 2' Guillaume Patry video calls his mom with his girlfriend

[Naver: Illgan Sports] 'With You 2' Song Minsuh video chats with Guillaume's mother, "She's pretty"

1. [+2294, -60] It's really not right to be carelessly going on broadcast with your girlfriend 

2. [+2193, -56] Hul, his girlfriend's mom is on broadcast too..? You never know what will happen in a relationship, what are they thinking..ㄷㄷ;;

3. [+2127, -120] Why is that ahjumma always following along?????? She should leave herself out..

4. [+1936, -66] Why is his girlfriend's mom always in the show?

5. [+804, -19] Song Minsuh's mother, I think it would be best to stop coming on the show.....Just how many appearances has it been.. Is the main character the mother...

6. [+616, -16] His girlfriend's mom's style is a bit like those hardcore mother-in-laws. Must be tiring for Guillaume. 

7. [+565, -12] The girlfriend's mother is way too burdensome ㄷㄷㄷ

8. [+545, -25] Why is his girlfriend's mom always butting in?? Didn't like her from the beginning and my feelings still haven't changed. And it's not like his wife is any better...Anyways, I watched up to the other couple and ended up switching to 'The Village' 

9. [+854, -341] I like how they're the most real and honest couple so far. They're both so pretty and match well. I can't help but smile every time I watch..

10. [+488, -13] How many appearances has it been for the mother-in-law..

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