Sunday, November 29, 2015

Who will be awarded the daesang for MBC's Drama Awards?

'Kill Me Heal Me' Jisung

'The Legendary Witch', 'My Daughter Geum Sawol' Jun Inhwa

'Kill Me Heal Me', 'She Was Pretty' Hwang Jungeum

[Naver: My Daily] Jisung vs Jun Inhwa vs Hwang Jungeum...D-30 until MBC's Drama Awards, Who will it go to?

1. [+2059, -125] Isn't it obviously Jisung??

2. [+1780, -128] It would be overboard to pick Hwang Jungeum..It's more between Jisung and Jun Inhwa, but I hope Jisung gets picked because of how well he portrayed the 7 personalities.

3. [+1517, -75] Cheering for Jisung!!!!

4. [+1424, -69] I stand by Jisung!

5. [+1342, -80] Really now?? The others did well too but it's only right to give it to Jisung..Why write these kinds of articles

6. [+240, -25] It should go to Jisung, he was so good at portraying the 7 personalities! Daesang goes to Jisung!

7. [+249, -35] Honestly, 2015 was Jisung's year

8. [+238, -25] Isn't it obviously Jisung? This year was Jisung's year~

9. [+237, -41] Don't give it to Jun Inhwa just based on her experience and just give it to Jisung~~

10. [+214, -26] I hope it's Jisung....

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