Sunday, November 22, 2015

Suzy admits she didn't want to act at first

[Naver: My Daily] 'Section' Suzy admits she didn't like acting at first...debuted as an actress because of her company

1. [+2375, -545] But you're still beautiful Suzy

2. [+1928, -539] I watched the trailer for her movie and it seems good..Suzy-yah, no words for your beauty and your personality is great too

3. [+1674, -489] Deciding to act really worked for her benefit. I'm looking forward to 'Dorihwaga'

4. [+1512, -412] Why is Suzy so pretty..

5. [+1467, -420] Suzy gives off this goddess feel these days..I got shocked when I saw her in real life

6. [+243, -82] It's not common to see entertainment journalists complimenting celebrities..She's really lucky, receiving lots of love from many people at a young age...although I'm sure it's all a result from her own efforts ㅎ

7. [+216, -62] JYP forced her into acting, but I'm sure she's grateful for that now ㅎ Suzy-yah, I hope you can work your way up, step by step

8. [+211, -118] It really was good of her to start acting. A critic of 'Dorihwaga' wrote an article stating that it's an understatement to say Suzy improved her acting and that her aura was like no other

9. [+171, -49] Suzy received a lot of attention from acting so her company made the right decision. She probably wouldn't be this popular if it wasn't for 'Architecture'

10. [+201, -84] Suzy's a hard worker. She's really amazing and cool.

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