Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mnet's new girl group project 'Produce 101' to air in December

[Naver: My Daily] (Exclusive) Mnet's new girl group project 'Produce 101'... SM and YG absent

1. [+1228, -9] The start of evil editing...

2. [+1145, -10] What is the point of doing this

3. [+929, -40] P o i n t l e s s. D o n a t e  t h a t  m o n e y  t o  s o c i e t y  i n s t e a d . . . .

4. [+737, -9] Take it easy on the evil editing.

5. [+525, -19] Wonder if the eliminated members of Sixteen will show up

6. [+138, -18] What does SM lack for them to participate in this audition program? They're a company that idol trainees come on their own ㅋㅋ Most idols you see now are the ones who failed to make it in SM ㅋㅋ

7. [+114, -9] Of course. Since SM and YG are such huge companies, participating in the program amongst medium and small sized companies would drop their status. They're better off creating their own program featuring their own trainees ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+92, -5] We'll get to see who's really pretty and who's really rude amongst the 101

9. [+100, -16] No point in watching if they're trainees that couldn't even make it to SM, YG, or JYP from the start

10. [+84, -1] It would be harder for them to debut if they expose themselves like this.... It feels like they're taking the dreams of 101 people too lightly

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