Thursday, November 12, 2015

Harisu celebrates Pepero Day with her husband

[Naver: Star News] Harisu shows off her happy life with Micky Jung, "With the husband"

1. [+2962, -86] They're lasting longer than I expected;; They really seem to like each other. I apologize for my doubts..ㅜ Be happy.

2. [+2445, -84] They really seem to be in love. It's nice to see. People should take note of them. People who have no commitment in dating and marriage should look at them and reflect.

3. [+1645, -76] How nice to see^^~~~

4. [+1487, -64] They say married couples become to look alike..How nice to see!!!

5. [+1404, -61] They really match well

6. [+862, -47] She did plastic surgery because her hormones were making her more masculine. Please refrain from commenting hate. Let's not bring down someone who was able to find her identity through sex change surgery and is married happily. It's nice to see them both. Live a happy life!

7. [+754, -28] Harisu was daebak pretty in that cosmetics CF...No one imagined that she was trans... That was her legendary days...She's promoting a lot in China, so I hope she lives a happy life....It's nice to see their loving relationship.

8. [+512, -32] People who hate on articles about married couples have no lives. It's nice to see their loving and caring relationship.

9. [+486, -28] I think it's only right to respect people's difference in preferences. There are a lot of couples only for show.

10. [+446, -66] All those hateful stares are a result of jealousy. I hope they can continue to show a happy relationship.

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