Thursday, November 26, 2015

Actresses show off their figure in the Blue Dragon Film Awards

[Naver: Illgan Sports] The best actress' exposure that even the cold weather couldn't stop

1. [+946, -29] Every year on this event is when I feel proud to have Kim Hyesoo as our country's actress

2. [+701, -46] Nam Bora looks so pretty. I hope she can rise to fame by working in a project that fits her well

3. [+456, -19] Actress figures and looks are really a wall ㄷ ㄷ

4. [+383, -6] Kim Hyesoo-ssi and Yoon Joonsang-ssi are so cool ♡.

5. [+389, -116] Park Boyoung looks the prettiest

6. [+204, -3] As expected, Kim Hyesoo stands out the most. Her class is different.

7. [+181, -17] Nam Bora looked freaking pretty during the awards

8. [+146, -26]] Sure, say Seolhyeon is at the top amongst idol visuals, but fans who say the same even when she's amongst these actresses need to grow up.

9. [+128, -10] Sung Yuri looks like a pretty princess. Looks like her attitude is: "I don't care if I can't act, I'm going to come wearing a pretty dress anyways"

10. [+105, -5] Chun Woohee also looked pretty ㅎㅎㅎ

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