Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tablo says the reason why they left 'Superman Returns' was because Haru wanted to

[Naver: Illgan Sports] "'The reason we left 'Superman' was 100% because Haru wanted to leave"

When Haru becomes older, won't she feel burdened to know that her childhood was revealed to the public?

"We talked about it a lot with Haru and even with a doctor. The reason we left Superman was 100% because Haru wanted to. We still played a lot together even when we weren't filming for Superman. I felt like she was uncomfortable because cameras, the writer unni, and PD unni would come by every month. It felt like the flow of our playtimes would end awkwardly when they had to change the tapes. Haru even said to me, 'We can play well without the cameras too' and so we had even more reasons to not continue."


1. [+11,275, -127] If the child wanted to leave the show, regardless of their reason, fulfilling their wish would be the best way to go

2. [+9087, -125] So Haru wanted to leave...I didn't know

3. [+7636, -210] Wow, I read the whole interview. Tablo speaks wholeheartedly and I can tell what a mature husband he is. I hope Haru grows up well and healthy!!

4. [+5552, -155] Haru, grow up well, just as you are 

5. [+4941, -146] Haru, grow up well!!

6. [+1004, -51] That sounds like what Haru would say... Saying how she doesn't need the cameras to play well.... Grow up to be just as nice and innocent as you are now...

7. [+763, -68] Tablo speaks so well. He has deep thoughts....Lucky for Haru to have a dad like him.

8. [+717, -32] I feel like they ended it on a perfect note~

9. [+654, -67] Tablo seems like he's the best dad and husband...

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