Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kim Minjae aspires to be acknowledged and trusted like Zion.T

[Naver: X Sports News] Kim Minjae: "I want to get trust and recognition from others like Zion.T" (Interview)

"I want to become an actor people can trust. I want to become recognized as an actor that people trust in watching. People listen to Zion.T sunbae's new songs because they trust him. Just like that, I want to become recognized and trusted"


1. [+761, -47] Honestly, if he wants to continue being an actor, he should start by practicing his acting like there's no tomorrow

2. [+683, -17] He has the talents, but it's not too late to focus on one aspect first. Please start by focusing on improving and working up your acting before thinking about what you want to do in the future.

3. [+514, -154] I saw him for the first time in 'Twenty Again' and thought he acted well....It was natural and filled with emotions.....He also seems to rap better than average. He has a lot of talents...

4. [+359, -45] I thought he was Yeo Jingoo when I saw the 'Twenty Again' trailer

5. [+291, -40] He's handsome~~

6. [+63, -1] Throughout my life, I realized wanting acknowledgment and trust from others is useless. Self-satisfaction is the only thing you need.

7. [+67, -5] Whether it's singing, rapping, or acting, start by mastering one first before talking

8. [+48, -3] His acting is too forced. He's different from Yeo Jingoo. Come back when you're older.

9. [+40, -4] You can't just become like Zion.T through your efforts when he was born with a unique sense of lyrical and producing style and got recognized underground. Just make a living off of your pretty face

10. [+26, -5] I used to like him...But there are so many similar articles about him on the main page for nothing that newsworthy. I feel like his media play is a bit overboard. At first I thought he was multi-talented, but I feel like he's just a kid that is trying to do everything...

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