Saturday, October 31, 2015

Joo to have a comeback with 'Crying Out'

[Naver: OSEN] JOO: "Leaving JYP after nine years...felt like I left the support of my mother" (Interview)

1. [+1188, -65] Heard she has stage fright...hwaiting

2. [+955, -55] I hope she can at least start promoting a lot now....

3. [+753, -38] Bad guy~~~~~

4. [+751, -53] Wow! I've been waiting~ Looking forward to it!!

5. [+[+597, -38] Looking forward to it. Hurry have a comeback.

6. [+164, -9] She used to be JYP's treasure and became a failure with a few pictures

7. [+150, -11] She has quite the past. She even admitted about her bad past too

8. [+154, -33] What's amazing about JYP is that they truly think of their artists as family and lets them go for their sake and development....It really sets them apart from other companies. Park Jinyoung is amazing.

9. [+125, -7] She's losing against her past...she's trying to get popular off of her singing...the importance of your school life is evident

10. [+121, -10] Is this the person that was a hot topic because of pictures showing that she was an Iljin?

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