Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Eric Nam reveals about being racially discriminated in America

[Naver: TV Report] "Einstein', Eric Nam: "I was the victim of racial discrimination...they even spat on me"

"At that time, I was the only Asian. There were times where I wanted to quit school because of the racism...The most severe case was that there were people who spat on my face"


1. [+8207, -59] Wow, but he still grew up properly

2. [+7059, -44] Eric was the only Asian in his school so it's even more amazing how he was the class president

3. [+5440, -38] Do well Eric Nam!!!!

4. [+4346, -49] That's so mean.....

5. [+3890, -44] Eric Nam fighting!!! I'll always be supporting you^^

6. [+552, -10] This guy's specs are amazing...but what's even more amazing than his specs is his character..I feel like he's the type of person that when you meet him, you're able to immediately know what kind of person he is. Supporting you!

7. [+469, -9] I bet they'll get jealous if they find out Eric Nam got to interview Paris Hilton ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+428, -7] Wow, it's hard to hold in your anger when you get spit on your face though.. he grew up well

9. [+431, -13] He became class president, despite being severely discriminated and being the only Asian

10. [+457, -62] We shouldn't be the ones to curse at Americans. The reality is, we also discriminate others in our society...Take a moment to think about how we view others that are born in Korea and speak Korean, but are born under parents of different skin color or whose parents practice a different religion... 

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