Monday, September 7, 2015

Song Mino's 'Fear' does well on the charts

[Naver: OSEN] Song Mino's Fear passes Infinity Challenge...winning song?

Song Mino's 'Fear' has been gaining attention ever since he performed it on SMTM4. It even surpassed Infinity Challenge's Leon on Olleh Music.


1. [+5386, -937] Wow, Song Mino is amazing. Fear really is a nice songㅎㅎ Never get sick of itㅎ

2. [+5051, -1023] There are a lot of people that say Taeyang saved the song but Mino's lyrics about his struggles as a trainee is a tear jerker. Taeyang did well but so did Song Mino.

3. [+3991, -780] Take a look for yourself on Olleh Music. Leon was a wall, but it surpassed it. Daebakㄷ ㄷ ㄷ

4. [+3645, -735] The lyrics really make you cry. Song Mino hwaiting! Whenever I listen to Fear, I can recognize how you feel. It's on infinite repeat~~~^^

5. [+2921, -513] Honestly, they both did well!

6. [+895, -86] Song Mino rapped well and Taeyang's featuring was good too. Taeyang's vocal color is unique and clear sounding. It's nice to listen to.

7. [+960, -168] Song Mino lost SMTM4 anyways, so the song's charting so high because it's actually good. People who still persist it's because of Taeyang's fanatics are probably Black Nut fanatics or just irrational antis.

8. [+880, -105] It's really such a good song.

9. [+976, -108] The lyrics for Fear was amazingly written.

10. [+840, -95] The lyrics are really nice.... it's a song for people that are working hard under tough circumstances. He said when he debuts in Winner, he'll make the people who listen to their songs winners. Made me realize Song Mino really is a member of Winner.

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