Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rookie group focus: iKON and Red Velvet

[Naver: No Cut News] iKON and Red Velvet, YG and SM rookie groups's alarming 'young power'

1. [+2808, -256] Do well the both of you~~~~

2. [+2276, -221] Hwaiting to both teams ~~~

3. [+2705, -910] Bobby and B.I., show us your swag rapping from a song with stronger beats and dancing than My Type like the ones from Mix and Match and Win.

4. [+1680, -301] JYP takes on a different path!! I fell head over heels from DAY6's songs~

5. [+2804, -1664] What do you mean they stopped Infinity Challenge's power? Red Velvet's song was able to rank first because it came out at midnight, and only for a few hours at that;;; They're doing well for a rookie group but stop exaggerating.

6. [+416, -157] I don't think Red Velvet's a rookie group. They came out with so many albums.
- This is their first album thoughㅋㅋ?ㅋㅋ

7. [+328, -87] Get ready showtime

8. [+344, -127] My Type is perfect to listen to during this weather. Hwaiting.

9. [+426, -210] Rather than it being the power of rookie groups, its the power of their company!!! I can't speak for iKON, but if Red Velvet was under a different company with their current song, forget about being first, they would've just been an unknown group.

10. [+314, -113] Why didn't you include JYP's DAY6

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