Tuesday, September 15, 2015

[Pann+Instiz] A girl group member who got eliminated from Kpop Star

A female student by the name of Choi Yuna sings to the best of her ability

Park Jinyoung stares at her like this

But she still continues to sing with her all

After she sings, she shows her dance that she prepared

Yang Hyunsuk watches with a smile

Just then, Park Jinyoung raises his hand and stops her dance

Park Jinyoung: "I think it would be better for you to not dance!"

Park Jinyoung: "Your voice isn't unique. It's nothing special."

Yang Hyunsuk: "You have potential. You sing well for your young age and your dancing skills can be worked on with practice"

Park Jinyoung doesn't pass her

Yang Hyunsuk wishes to give her a second chance and expresses his deep regret.

Not too long ago, that female student Choi Yuna came out on Masked Singer and received praise from the judges. She's Yuju from the rookie girl group Girlfriend.

[Nate: Pann] Park Jinyoung's standards.jpg

1. [+340, -29] Park Jinyoung's standards are higher

2. [+273, -6] But if you watch her audition video then, she wasn't that outstandingly good at singing... rather, she was on the lacking side. But of course she's good at singing now.

3. [+190, -11] Now everyone knows she got double eyelid surgery. She was pretty and charming before she got it done though.

4. [+85, -2] Haven't you seen Twice? Kids that are prettier and sing better than Yuju would've still gotten eliminated by JYP.

5. [+84, -2] Kids that don't even know anything would hate on Park Jinyoung

6. [+81, -5] But still, he judges better than the other judges

7. [+70, -3] I mean, it's true that Yuju is freaking good at singing, but when she auditioned on there, she wasn't that good enough to stand out or anything. She was good, but wasn't outstandingly amazing. And aren't all main vocals on that level?? Solji also got a lot of praises on Masked Singer and I feel like singers like Taeyeon don't guest on there because their voices are already known. Anyways, stop trying to bash Park Jinyoung too much. JYP has a lot of artists that are digital monsters.

8. [+64, -3] People might think Yuju has the best vocals amongst idols or something

[Instiz] A girl group member that got eliminated from Kpop Star

- Hul daebak

- I didn't recognize her...... I like Yuju. She works hard.

- Wow Yang Hyunsuk...he sure has a good eye

- Park Jinyoung-ssi.....

- Hul, I like her the best from Girlfriend

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