Monday, September 28, 2015

New drama releases from trendy male actors

Yoo Ah In- SBS drama Six Flying Dragons

Nam Joohyuk- MBC drama Glamorous Temptation
Yook Sungjae- SBS drama The Village: Achiara's Secret

Lee Wongeun, Jisoo, VIXX's N (Cha Hakyeon)- KBS2 drama Sassy, Go Go!

Park Bogum- tvN drama Reply 1988

[Naver: TV Report] From Yoo Ah In to Yook Sungjae, new project releases from trendy stars

1. [+1509, -53] Yoo Ah In is such a good actor~ So you can always put your faith in him while watching! Yook Sungjae has a lot of talents and seems like a hard worker~ I hope both of their respective works do well!

2. [+1265, -45] Yoo Ah In already proved himself as an actor. Gong Taekwang seems to be good at acting, looking forward to him~

3. [+1014, -74] This year's weekday dramas are amazingㄷ ㄷ I bet Six Flying Dragons and The Village will compete for first in viewer ratings ㅋ

4. [+825, -82] Supporting all of you, hwaiting!! Yook Sungjae hwaiting ♥!

5. [+608, -21] Do well all of you! Supporting you~~

6. [+169, -10] There's a lot of fun looking dramas...Looking forward to Six Flying Dragons and The Village: Achiara's Secret. 

7. [+157, -10] Six Flying Dragons and The Village seems like it's going to be fun

8. [+150, -27] I'm really looking forward to Sungjae's role in The Village, different from his usual teen roles

9. [+156, -33] Hit daebak The Village! Yook Sungjae hwaiting!

10. [+155, -35] Always hwaiting, Yook Sungjae 

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