Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lee Jinwook and Moon Chaewon cast as leads in new drama, 'Goodbye Mr. Black'

[Naver: OSEN] Lee Jinwook and Moon Chaewon confirmed for SBS's 'Goodbye Mr. Black' as male and female leads (official statement)

1. [+3568, -115] Lee Jinwook's coming out on a lot of projects these days. I'm looking forward to this because of Moon Chaewon!

2. [+3186, -173] Look at the casting

3. [+2635, -141] With Lee Jinwook and Moon Chaewon in it, it's a must watch

4. [+1933, -58] The writer is important in this

5. [+1960, -115] Wow, I'm so excited. The chemistry is exploding. Lee Jinwook is so cool and Moon Chaewon got even prettier~~~!

6. [+293, -25] I realized once again while watching Lee Jinwook and Ha Jiwon's failed drama..no matter how good the actors are, the script needs to shine more.. and that writers have the power to fail a drama

7. [+221, -38] Please hurry deliver Lee Jinwook.....

8. [+203, -44] Ohㅋㅋ I bet Lee Jinwook will make Moon Chaewon really lovely and girly

9. [+175, -37] Hope Lee Jinwook can change his bangs hairstyle.... He looked good in Nine but his hairstyle in The Time I Loved You doesn't fit him

10. [+143, -15] Is it really Hwang Mina-nim from (Hello, Mr. Black) manhwas? Ah, I want to watch it again.

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