Tuesday, September 8, 2015

JYP's musical branding is developing?

[Naver: OSEN] 'Band and G Soul'...on the 9th, the ears become happy

1. [+410, -7] JYP's sound is becoming more solid. I can see that he's not only focusing on idol music but is trying to develop. Same goes for Wonder Girls's comeback song. His music is becoming more sophisticated and solid. So I look forward to new releases from JYP. The rookie group's new song was also good. I have it on infinite repeat. On top of that, G Soul is coming out, nice~

2. [+376, -6] DAY6's debut song's quality is bbbb

3. [+230, -6] As expected of G Soul

4. [+279, -5] Both DAY6 and G Soul are vocal color gangsters~ DAY6's album song quality is at the top. Looking forward to G Soul as well~~

5. [+220, -7] The trainee ancestor is finally coming out~

6. [+91, -5] I feel like JYP is focusing more on the musical side than being worried about fitting in the top 3. Even though their popularity can falterㅎㅎ I like itㅎㅎ

7. [+85, -2] I got goosebumps listening to DAY6's songs......As for G Soul, I've always liked him.....I can see JYP is winning musically this time around.....They don't try to media play their way to fame like other companies, but rather, their efforts to win musically is cool but at the same time, as a fan, its a shameㅠㅠ Anyways, do well DAY6 and G Soul

8. [+77, -1] Even DAY6's debut song is amazing ♡

9. [+74, -2] Looking forward to his new song too^^ Please promote a lot on broadcast~~!!

10. [+77, -6] JYP is now becoming a company that focuses on artists too, than just idols. I hope it can become a company that can continue to steer in the right musical direction. I feel like they're going on the right direction. They're not like other companies that just spend money......

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