Monday, September 14, 2015

Ji Sung to play a vampire in short film 'Vampire Next Door'

[Naver: Sports Kyunghyang] 'Kill Me Heal Me' Jisung with D.I.D. is now a vampire!

1. [+1379, -20] Totally looking forward to it!

2. [+1311, -28] Why is this ahjusshi so sexy ㅠㅠ Seriously so fucking cool ㅠㅠ

4. [+962, -21] I hope it can kind of have a Johnny Depp feel. It'll really fits him. His gestures are humorous.

5. [+661, -14] Vam~~~pire!!!

6. [+113, -7] This year's daesang is Jisung's. Don't anyone forget.

7. [+90, -6] Ahh Is he really a dad? So cool

8. [+86, -5] Am I the only one who is wowed by that picture?

9. [+84, -4] I really enjoyed Kill Me Heal Me so I bet this movie's going to be good as well~~ Cool Jisun~~!! >.<

10. [+83, -4] Wow, it kind of has the feel of Johnny Depp in Scissorhands. I like him because he's so good at acting and is able to transform naturally into any character ㅠㅠ !!!

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