Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hyuna guests on Kim Shinyoung's radio show

[Naver: tv Report] 'Songs of Hope at Noon' Hyuna: "I met Kim Shinyoung when I was in the Wonde Girls, it felt crazy"

Kim Shinyoung: "I've met Hyuna back when she was a middle schooler, promoting under the Wonder Girls...I still remember...She still had an aura then"

Hyuna: "That was when I first started seeing celebrities so it was really crazy for me. Even back then Kim Shinyoung sunbaenim greeted me so well"


1. [+852, -30] Hyuna looks better with lighter makeup

2. [+851, -113] In conclusion, it was good that Hyuna left Wonder Girls

3. [+561, -32] She looks way better even with little makeup so why does she always cake it on

4. [+351, -21] Kim Shinyoung-ssi is always polite and good with her greetings^^/) Hwaitingㅋㅋ

5. [+282, -46] Hyuna unni who gets even more charming when she goes solo!!!!

6. [+32, -2] During middle schoolㅋㅋ She really did debut at such a young age

7. [+31, -3] Why is Hyuna meting Kim Shinyoung during her Wonder Girls days newsworthy??

8. [+28, -3] This is newsworthy???? It's just about her meeting someone a long time ago....

9. [+23, -3] For real, Hyuna has a lot of talent, aegyo, is friendly...she has so many charms but it's a shame she's only focusing on sexy concepts...Since she's so skinny and pretty, I feel like a more comfortable and cheerful concept will fit her too..

10. [+25, -5] The top two female comedians are Ahn Youngmi and Kim Shinyoung. They're really well-rounded.

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