Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hwang Jungeum's growth as an actress

[Naver: MBN] (M+TV Time Machine) How did Hwang Jungeum become an actress worth keeping

1. [+2531, -124] She's born with it. I knew she would let loose in this drama. Actors who give it their all into their characters will still look pretty even when they act as a beggar. Can you even call them actors when they only want to act pretty and would rather die than to let loose?? You can see that Hwang Jungeum's growing as an actress. I'm looking forward to her.

2. [+2151, -95] High Kick Through the Roof was heaven sent ㅠㅠ She's the best with comedic acting!

3. [+2072, -76] Secret and Kill Meal Heal Me were really daebak....she has the best chemistry with Jisung

4. [+1586, -72] Kill Me Heal Me was really daebak..ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1115, -57] Endless Love was endlessly lost in the mountains

6. [+252, -28] The biggest influence in her success was how she worked till no end in improving her acting. It's unsettling to see how other actors never seem to change for years but it's nice to see how actors that have singing as their main job work hard in both fields while showing improvements.

7. [+224, -15] correcting jounalist's grammar

8. [+207, -23] Hwang Jungeum has definitely cemented herself as an actress now. It's to the point where when an article pops up about her being cast, you don't get worried.

9. [+184, -22] Hwang Jungeum acting was really heaven sent. I can't stop laughing while watching 'She Was Pretty'. I hope she can continue to do comedic acting^^

10. [+172, -14] correcting journalist's grammar 

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