Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gary and Song Jihyo's appearance in 'Day Day Up' tops China's viewer ratings

[Naver: TV Report] (Exclusive) Gary and Song Jihyo ranks first in China for viewer ratings in variety shows...through 'Monday Couple'

The Monday couple appeared on China's 'Day Day Up' and brought in the best viewer ratings.

This is the first time Gary came on a Chinese variety show with Song Jihyo.

'Monday Couple' was the most searched term on Weibo. They ranked first in viewer ratings, with a 1.93%


1. [+2700, -69] Even knowing that they only have a business relationship, they match well..

2. [+1971, -89] Song Jihyo's really pretty

3. [+1901, -92] Even though they just have a business relationship, isn't their synergy nice? I really like both of them^^  People who say they're just doing this for money...they admitted themselves that they only have a business relationship so of course they're making money out of it. They're not even having affairs so why curse them out?

4. [+1284, -135] Get marriedã…Ž Looks good

5. [+1199, -82] They look so good together.

6. [+142, -5] I felt bad for Gary when Gil was doing so well by himself on Infinity Challenge, but now Gary's the one doing is unpredictable....the present is not everything!~

7. [+139, -28] I'm getting sick of saying they look good together since it's been five years...earn a lot of money. Hwaiting.

8. [+107, -18] Crazy...Song Jihyo looks freaking pretty when she dolls herself up

9. [+90, 3] If 1.93% viewer ratings is considered first, how big of a country is China...

10. [+105, -18] Song Jihyo looked so pretty that day

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