Sunday, September 27, 2015

Female singers with good vocal colors


Kim Yerim

Park Boram


[Naver: OSEN] (Music Talk Talk) Generation of vocal color beauties 

1. [+1075, -81] Where's Baek Yerin? Wouldn't it be Baek Yerin rather than Park Boram?

2. [+943, -207] IU has the best vocal color among them. tbh, isn't Soyu being too overestimated?

3. [+822, -126] Singing ability is another matter of discussion, but if we're only talking about vocal color, it's IU from start to finish;;

4. [+511, -86] IU! A singer I put my faith in~

5. [+375, -46] IU has a really unique voice that is also comfortable and easy on the ears.. You can tell how unique it is seeing how no one sang like her on Hidden Singer

6. [+103, -22] For both vocal color and talent, IU is the best

7. [+102, -24] All of them are great, but I like IU's voice the best... as of now, her vocal color is a wall..

8. [+92, -19] IU's a legend...she's a unique and good singer

9. [+93, -21] I personally think Baek Ahyeon as well...

10. [+89, -21] Of course IU's the best. She can't be compared.

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