Thursday, September 3, 2015

EXO wins artist award at the 42nd Korean Broadcasting Awards

[Naver: TV Report] '42nd Korean Broadcasting Awards' EXO wins musician award "We'll work hard as K-Pop stars"

1. [+1085, -295] EXO's efforts up to this point shouldn't be downplayed because of their saesang fans. EXO is EXO and the sasaeng fans are sasaeng fans. And I'm sure they'll go to the army on their own... it hasn't even been that long since they've risen in fame so stop trying to send them off to the army... Anyways, congrats to EXO and let's go for the long run.

2. [+1011, -325] As expected of EXO's leader Suho. His winning speech was concise and to the point. Congrats, what a honorable award to win.

3. [+883, -310] They won so many awards, so amazingㄷㄷ Whatever they do, they always seem to show that they're at the top every timeㄷㄷ

4. [+824, -249] EXO is a group that I look forward to. Supporting you!

5. [+802, -296] 10, 20, 30 years, let's go on forever EXO!

6. [+201, -63] When I went to the Philippines, there were a lot of girls who knew about Korea because of EXO. As a person of the same country, I felt thankful to EXO for making our country known..

7. [+176, -50] All members of EXO seem to be charming. There's a reason for their popularity.

8. [+180, -58] The winning speech was well-said. They really look so handsome.

9. [+176, -55] They not only make our own country shine, but makes our country shine to other countries as well. Congrats.

10. [+181, -64] As expected of EXO. They had the best album and digital sales this year. They're at the top in this market.

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