Sunday, September 6, 2015

DAY6 releases their self-composed debut album

[Naver: TV Report] 'JYP's new band' DAY6 who are capable of writing and composing songs

DAY6 is a 6 member boy band (Dowoon, Wonpil, Junhyuk, Jae, Sungjin, Young K). For their first album, they participated in writing and composing the songs.

They released their debut mini album on the 7th.


1. [+734, -45] JYP is on a roll this year. For a rookie group, their song quality is amazing.

2. [+564, -40] All their songs are honestly well

3. [+523, -34] All of their songs are nice and even self composed... I'm seeing JYP in another light.

4. [+431, -32] Their songs are pretty goodㅎㅎ Find success~

5. [+402, -22] I wanna see them on a music program because their songs are amazing. Super talented rookie group.

6. [+143, -10] How little promotion did they get if people don't know they're from JYP, never mind that they've debuted...

7. [+139, -9] I'll judge for myself when I listen to it.....!! That's amazing of them when they're just a rookie group.

8. [+137, -10] JYP is even debuting a girl group this year too. Is this the rebirth of JYP?!? JYP jjang jjang man~~~

9. [+136, -13] I heard them live at the Busan Rock Festival and they sounded nice!

10. [+127, -6] I love their songs. Take a listen to it twice, take a listen to it three times, keep on listening to it please.

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