Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cosmetic surgery makeover program 'Let Me In' canceled

[Naver: Yonhap News] tvN's 'Let Me In' will not continue with another season..."will be getting rid of cosmetic surgery programs"

1. [+4074, -156] Good thinking. Depressed = get plastic surgery. Family problems = get plastic surgery. Basically what Let Me In was about.

2. [+2771, -113] It is true that looks are important in society, but that shouldn't be encouraged even further.

3. [+2290, -99] Good thinking. Programs like these make people that were originally uninterested in plastic surgery end up getting work done.

4. [+1998, -72] Good, let's stop it here. They didn't just get the necessary parts fixed, but for the sake of beauty, they put them on a diet, made them have unneeded double eyelid surgery and eye corners cut, nose jobs, etc.

5. [+1724, -71] There was a participant that was about to give up their dreams of being an opera singer because of their chin, but got picked by Let Me In and ended up getting their eyes, nose, and lips all done. It's seriously a program that ends up ruining lives.

6. [+691, -13] It should've been canceled sooner. The husband that abused his wife for looking ugly should've been taken to a psychologist, not the wife taken to a plastic surgeon. tsk tsk. A program that started out wrong.

7. [+437, -8] It's understandable for people with malocclusions or facial deformities, but it was unsettling to see overweight people that gained weight on their own accord by eating a lot and not moving, begging to get picked on the show. Should've had the same desperate mentality in losing weight as well.

8. [+382, -7] The MCs were really bad at hosting the show...especially Hwang Shinhye's reactions..

9. [+342, -5] The intent was good but the problem with the show was that they kept fixing unnecessary parts. They would've looked pretty enough with weight loss but they end up becoming plastic monsters by getting work done on perfectly fine parts.

10. [+335, -8] It started off as a good program but it slowly brought in a lot of participants that could've fixed their appearance with their own efforts....felt like the program's focus was getting lost

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