Sunday, September 6, 2015

BoA to guest on Hidden Singer 4

[Naver: My Daily] BoA to be the first guest on Hidden Singer 4, "Sent love calls since the first season"

1. [+1116, -40] I feel like Kim Youngchul with come out and sing Number One.

2. [+768, -35] BoA's voice is really unique so I'm surprised there are people who can sing like her

3. [+600, -35] BoA's voice is on the more special side so I'm looking forward how this will all play outㅋㅋ I like how she's been coming on a lot of variety shows lately because it makes her more friendly.

4. [+542, -38] It won't be easy to sing like BoA though...

5. [+386, -54] Let's all take a listen to the contenders and BoA's voices (TN: pun on BoA's name) 

6. [+84, -7] Daebak!! BoA has a lot of good songs so I wonder what they'll sing ㅋㅋㅋ But I doubt there'll be people with her voice

7. [+84, -15] It's been quite a while since BoA's debut but she still works hard and shows perfect singing and dancing. There's no other singer like her.

8. [+73, -10] It's daebak how BoA's coming out on Hidden Singer. So looking forward to this.

9. [+68, -9] I'm so looking forward to this because she has a lot of good songsㅜ Seeing how the producers are speaking out so confidently on this, I'm even more excited.

10. [+60, -9] It'll be even better if BoA's fan came on there. It'll be heartwarming for that fan because they've kept up with her ever since she was little when she debuted in a foreign country and even watched her grow up.

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