Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Actors that focus mostly on commercials

[Naver: No Cut News] Stars only seen in CFs, welcome to your main job

1. [+4139, -137] Isn't Won Bin too much?? Ahjusshi came out in 2010...

2. [+2766, -64] Can't Won Bin make a comeback....

3. [+2387, -46] So their main jobs wasn't CF models ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+2326, -67] They're not actors but just CF stars... To the actors who can't act, just stick to filming CFs. I don't want to watch crappy acting..

5. [+1430, -50] Anyone knows why they only appear in CFs?

6. [+416, -3] Would you rather work for a few days and earn a billion or work for a few months and risk having a failed project plus ruining your image and resulting in losing your CF offers...who would gamble that up

7. [+382, -3] It's not that actors lose sight of their roots since the beginning, it's because of stardom and money. Honestly, if you're not that passionate about acting, might as well just film CFs all day and earn some millions and own buildings worth some billions. You get money off of the building's rent so what's the point in working? Better off just enjoying your hobbies and traveling.

8. [+361, -4] The kid from Ahjusshi is now filming a romance drama....

9. [+359, -11] It's only because Won Bin's image is so good. If the last project an actress appeared in was in 2010, then she would've gotten so much hate for just filming CFs.

10. [+357, -11] When is the Won Bin and Lee Nayoung couple coming out?

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