Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rapper Jessi and actress Yoo Sun confirmed for 'Real Men'

[Naver: OSEN] (Exclusive) 'Real Men' female soldier special forces, 'Spiders' are coming

1. [+4327, -135] Jessi's going to end up crying after being straightened out for talking back.

2. [+3098, -320] MBC really loves to milk it to the last drop. Real Men and WGM needs to be canceled. There's no solution to these PD bastards.

3. [+2455, -232] End it while it's still doing well.

4. [+1888, -214] That's enough.....

5. [+1459, -177] Fake Men.

6. [+343, -9] Don't add in staged scenes like where they fail the physical examination, get sent home, and beg the platoon leader for another chance...

7. [+222, -15] No matter how much you want the show to be canceled, the reality is, celebrities that participate can come out from it as a star and why would they cancel when the viewer ratings are good? Real Men 2 got a lot of hate but after it broadcast, Kim Youngchul got popular and the viewer ratings were high.

8. [+189, -9] Jessi: "Who are you to judge me"

9. [+183, -15] I feel like my blood pressure's going to rise if I watch Jessi.....

10. [+267, -120] I don't think it's going to be as emotional as the all male one though....

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