Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lee Seunggi and Yoona break up

[Naver: Star News] (Exclusive) Top stars Lee Seunggi and Yoona said to have broken up recently

1. [+12,587, -845] I thought this couple was going to last long..

2. [+8,174, -320] Hul? Hul hul hul hul hul hul hul

3. [+8,429, -596] What????? Break up???? They matched well though...

4. 6,540, -351] Hul???????? What's going on....

5. [+6,540, -326] Really????? Hul...

6. [+1,323, -87] Judging from the mood in Channel Soshi, it didn't seem like they broke up though?

7. [+1,362, -142] It all worked out. Lee Seunggi needs to go to the army anyways.

8. [+1,276, -59] It's natural for guys and girls to meet and separate. Let's not make such a big deal.

9. [+1,181, -67] It's true that their images were good and they seemed like they'll last long, but their relationship is their own problem.

10. [+1,064, -144] Seunggi-yah, let's go to the army. You don't have any regrets now, right?

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