Sunday, August 16, 2015

[Instiz] Block B's P.O. wears shirt with Japanese writing on national liberation day

The phrase, 'no problem'
is a phrase Japanese right wingers use frequently
and made it into an expression.
Korean Ilbe = Japanese right wingers 


- Coordi-nim, what in the world are you doing

- ......................???????????????????????

- Even though they didn't know the meaning, it's still wearing something with Japanese writing

- The coordi is at fault, but he's not completely innocent either.......

- Goosebumps..

- I think Koreans lack knowledge of their own country's history.

- Jihoon-ahㅠ What's this

- Who cares about the meaning. Just the fact that it's in Japanese is enoughㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It could be that they don't know Japanese or that the coordi picked it out, but can't they differentiate between languages?

- He said it himself that it was his own clothes, though?
-- How do you know?
-- He wore it meeting his friend so wouldn't that make it his own clothes?
-- I don't think that's been confirmed but thanks for letting me know~
--That's a rumor...

- At the national liberation day..

- So that's what it means...

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