Monday, August 3, 2015

'Cheese in the Trap' Park Haejin promises not to disappoint

1. [+1922, -53] I believe in Park Haejin.

2. [+1895, -162] I'm most satisfied with Park Haejin's casting. The others casted makes me doubtful..

3. [+1438, -185] Park Haejin won't disappoint but for the others...

4. [+1156, -34] I'm looking forward to Park Haejin~~!

5. [+1014, -35] I believe in you~ I'm looking forward to it!!!

6. [+119, -17] His appearance is too similar for him to even audition.. I'm jealous because he looks exactly like the lead characterㅋ

7. [+106, -16] Even if the drama fails, you won't be blamed. Don't worry Yoojung-ah.

8. [+88, -15] You'll piss your pants when you see Park Haejin acting after Nam Joohyuk

9. [+73, -7] Even for 'Scholar Who Walks the Night' it was just a one man show for Lee Junki.... it could be the same case for Park Haejinㅋㅋ

10. [+75, -19] The problem isn't the lead but the other actors;

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