Monday, August 17, 2015

'Abnormal Summit' Guillaume talks about Canada's efforts to remove 'He' and 'She' labels

[Naver: My Daily] 'Abnormal Summit' Guillaume: "In Canada, the use of 'Xe' is going under way, rather than differentiating between 'He' and 'She'"

1. [+3918, -92] Discussing about gender differentiation in a country that requires your picture, age, parents' (occupations), and job in your resume is going overboard

2. [+1959, -67] 'She' is an English expression so whether you're addressing a male or a female, using 'that'(???) is the correct expression. I'm being reminded of my teacher's words...

3. [+1955, -648] I expected Zhang Yuan to be like that, but did Sammy come from the Joseon era in his past life? Times have changed so the differentiating of genders shouldn't be used. He even said guys are rational while girls are more emotional. He seems even more narrow-minded than Enes.

4. [+1068, -55] Guillaume is freaking cuteㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

5. [+851, -50] Guillaume, hwaiting!

6. [+270, -25] I think it's a nice idea that America labels parents as parent 1 and parent 2 instead

7. [+227, -3] Writing your parents' occupation, rank, position during elementary school is really... it's interesting, but it seems like it's still happening?

8. [+226, -11] For our country, rather than gender discrimination, I feel like appearance discrimination is more severe.

9. [+195, -11] There shouldn't be discrimination based on your gender... good topic

10. [+220, -67] People who say Zhang Yuan and Sammy are simple minded and narrow minded are really thoughtless. They're just expressing their opinions and the thoughts of their country in respect to their culture. Labeling them as narrow minded and trying to correct them is quite a stupid thing to do. It seems he got casted for the sake of presenting fresh and new opinions. You think it would be interesting if all the members had the same thoughts? All you guys do is scoff at these so-called narrow minded members and only think of your opinions as the truth.

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