Sunday, July 5, 2015

Some of the cast of Invincible Youth meet up again


[Naver: Dispatch] "Again, Invincible Youth"...Girl group stars' close relationship

1. [+2263, -74] Those were the good times..they were really fresh and innocent.. nowadays, idols just seem like promotional puppets..

2. [+2265, -37] Wasn't that Yoochiri's village leader??

3. [+2246, -142] Those were the days when Sunny made a living for Hyomin.

4. [+1797, -49] Invincible Youth was really fun..

5. [+1130, -45] How heartwarming..

6. [+587, -66] Sunhwa ignores her own team members but mingles with other popular celebritiesㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+438, -28] If Sunhwa has the time to go there, she should settle her group problem and avoid harming the other members.

8. [+384, -10] It's been a while since the program has ended, but a resident of Yoochiri's village said in another show recently that Hara calls from time to time.

9. [+349, -12] How nice to see them with Mr. Lee. Loyalty is Hara and Sunny's middle name~~~

10. [+368, -50] Why do I just hate Sunhwa.....

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