Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mr. B speaks out on his sexual assault charges from actress A

[Naver: Illgan Sports] (Interview) 'Sexual assault charges' Mr. B "I feel wronged because it's distorted from the truth"

Actress A pressed charges against Mr. B, her male co-star, for sexual assault.

He spoke up two weeks after this case has become known.

Mr. B spoke out in response through his legal representative with Illgan Sports through a phone interview on the 14th: "There are many parts that is distorted from the truth. I feel wronged...If you look at the script and the continuity (TN: scenario?), there are parts that allows for different interpretation"

In response to why he hasn't made out a statement sooner: "I was preparing for legal measures. Even though I felt wronged, I couldn't make a direct response because I was in an important period of processing legal procedures...even though I felt wronged, I've kept quiet and saved my words. I will make an official statement this week."


1. [+167, -7] It's slowly turning into the truth game.. Looking at the actress's interview, he managed to rip open her buttonless t-shirt and even ripped open her bra, and then touched her. So if that's the case, she'll have direct evidence if the cameras were rolling. What I don't get is why the director didn't say cut... the director should've said cut if the scene didn't play out as expected.

2. [+155, -7] For some reason I believe the woman more.

3. [+148, -17] In cases like sexual assault, isn't it more right to look at the victim's side than the perpetrator's?

4. [+91, -1] What was the director doing in the midst of all that??? He would've saw everything very obviously through the camera...The female lead in the movie The Last Tango in Paris had something like this actually happen to her and it left her with a lifetime trauma...

5. [+78, -10] Wonder who~~?~~~~

6. [+60, -2] Honestly, touching someone else's body is such a sensitive thing....he should've consulted with the actress...usually, bed scenes are mentioned in the contract.... the director probably wanted to reduce her pay by not mentioning it to her but planned it out with the male actor....

7. [+62, -8] The actress needs to press charges on the movie producer. If the producer or the director feels wronged, then it's right for them to press charges on the male actor.

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