Friday, July 10, 2015

Kim Sohyun and Yook Sungjae in a two shot in retro uniforms

[Naver: OSEN] Kim Sohyun and Yook Sungjae meet again as Eunbyul ♥ Taekwang...'Retro style'

1. [+1241, -29] They both look sweet together..I want to watch Who Are You again..

2. [+1116, -30] Hopefully they can meet as first lovers instead of one sided lovers next time. They're both so pretty♡♡

3. [+990, -32] Hopefully they can meet in another drama againㅠㅠ 

4. [+759, -24] Hwaiting to Kim Sohyun's new movie, Pure Love!!!

5. [+658, -33] Sohyun, be happy

6. [+243, -8] Everyone agrees it's EunbiTaekwang..ㅠ 

7. [+222, -16] Wow..Kim Sohyun looks like Son Yejin in the movie Classic. They really look alike.

8. [+202, -11] Journalist, it's Eunbi and Taekwang, not Eunbyul and Taekwang. 

9. [+186, -13] The main lead was Nam Joohyuk but after the drama, she meets up with Taekwang moreㅋㅋ Let's just leave it as Eunbi and Taekwang, jeez. 

10. [+146, -6] She kind of looks like Han Gain. She grew up well. 

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