Friday, July 17, 2015

GOT7's fandom starts a selfie project


[Naver: 10 Asia] GOT7 crowned as 'Healing-dols'...fandom starts a 'selfie project'

1. [+119, -0] It really is healing when you listen to GOT7's songㅠㅠ I hope at least this song will get a lot of recognition~

2. [+112, -0] Both GOT7 and their fans are cool.

3. [+103, -0] I kind of feel better about myself when I listen to their song~~!!! Their song is nice, do well.

4. [+98, -0] I've always followed them because their songs were nice. Their new song makes you feel so happy. The lyrics are nice and the beat is easy on the ears. They're going to hit big this time. Healing-dols confirmed!!

5. [+97, -1] Just right GOT7, let's hit big!

6. [+36, -0] The song is really healing~~ Your mood gets better when you listen.

7. [+33, -0] Because of its healing lyrics, it makes you smile even when you're feeling down.

8. [+32, -0] It sort of has a healing effect when you listen~~?

9. [+29. -0] It's the first time when everything about the lyrics feels comforting.  I cried and laughed while listening. GOT7 confirmed as healing-dols!

10. [+28l -0] The song's nice, but the lyrics is what really makes it healing.

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