Friday, July 3, 2015

Co-stars T-Ara's Jiyeon and Lee Donggun confirmed to be dating

1. [+1240, -78] Lee Donggun's such a waste...Why out of all people is it Jiyeon?

2. [+1147, -81] It looks like an innocent company worker is dating a club girl.. the second mismatched couple is Choiza and Sulli

3. [+1044, -74] Ah......Lee Donggun's image went down the drainㅜ

4. [+671, -63] What does Lee Donggun lack.. Date well.

5. [+462, -81] Feel bad for him all you want because they don't care..Congrats and date well.

1. [+1788, -81] It feels like T-Ara's side blew this upㅋㅋ Ugh, Lee Donggun, wake up. What do you lack to be dating her...

2. [+1637, -77] Does he really not have an eye for women?

3. [+1177, -48] Is this marketing for a movie? They're casted in the same movie, so that'll be the only reason they're pictured together like that.

4. [+1037, -54] T-Ara's Jiyeon? Lee Donggun's a

5. [+840, -46] Hul!!!! Donggun-ah!!

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