Friday, July 10, 2015

Block B's Zico gets into a car crash

1. [+2221, -86] Aren't both the driver and the passenger at fault?

2. [+1718, -37] This isn't really a matter of who exactly was behind the wheel.

3. [+1020, -90] Please don't lost your roots!!!!

4. [+867, -85] He really is a tough cookie ㅋ

5. [+709, -44] The passenger is also at fault. Don't shield him.

6. [+270, -34] Tsk tsk. Celebrities really cause a lot of drunk driving. Just because he didn't personally drive himself doesn't mean he's scot free.

7. [+254, -34] I knew he would cause something like this...

8. [+231, -13] If he already knew he was drunk, then doesn't he have some legal responsibility in this as well?

[Naver: E Daily] Block B's Zico in a car crash as a passenger in a drunk driving car..does he have any fault in this?

1. [+210, -45] Passengers also get punished as well.

2. [+165, -8] I'm a fan but passengers also are in the wrong. It's a relief that no one was hurt but why did you do that..ㅠ

3. [+122, -4] I'm also a Zico fan but he's in the wrong here so I have no heart to shield him. I'm just relieved that no one got hurt...

4. [+90, -11] Of course the passenger should be punished as well. They both drank together so it was a sign of negligence. If that's not wrong, then what is??? Don't even think of shielding this..

5. [+107, -57] It's just a relief no one got hurt.

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