Thursday, July 2, 2015

Acting-dols: Seo Inguk, Park Hyungshik, Lee Joon, D.O., Yook Sungjae

1. [+868, -79] What about Park Yoochun? Im Siwan?

2. [+488, -98] But even from what I think, those five are good actors.

3. [+403, -45] I really like D.O. and Seo Inguk in 'I Remember You', and Lee Joon in 'Kapdong'. I really like all five shown here.

4. [+325, -19] γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹Lee Yeon Hee and Gu Hye Sun dislikes this article

5. [+346, -138] But instead, the aspiring actors are left in the shadows and can't gain recognition, only to be still left as just aspiring actors...It doesn't matter if the idols can act well or not. If they're not as goose bump inducing good as Sean Penn, stop sticking in these idols in replacement of actors. Why can't they stick to their own job? These kids who became idols as a stepping stone for acting really have no conscience.

6. [+105, -33] Honestly, Park Hyungshik is a bit lacking..

7. [+71, -1] Isn't the picture arrangement off? Is it just me?

8. [+79, -21] Rather than Park Hyungshik, it's Im Siwan.

9. [+88, -32] Im Siwan? Park Yoochun? Where are they??? And doesn't Yook Sungjae and D.O. still lack major projects???

10. [+77, -25] Seo Inguk, Lee Joon, and D.O. stands out, but the rest listed makes me lose focus when I watch.

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