Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teen Top reveals a spoiler of their new choreography: "Loses 1KG a day"

[Naver: My Daily] Teen Top reveals a spoiler of their choreography, "We lose 1KG a day from doing the dance to our new song"

1. [+1450, -49] I better lose weight by doing that dance when it comes out :) !!

2. [+1319, -26] This article had me at weight loss......

3. [+970, -26] If that dance makes you lose 1kg, then it must be really strenuous. Looks like I'm not going to lose weight.

4. [+741, -21] Jealous.......

5. [+641, -74]  Please get popular ~~~~~~

6. [+73, -7] L.Joe can't lose anymore weight though

7. [+65, -3] If I do that dance, I'll probably lose 0.1 kg and gain 3kg more..Do well, Teen Top.

8.  [+64, -3] Wow...You're bound to lose weight if you dance that much....

9. [+66, -8] Chunji, why do you look like that. You make my protective instincts come out, seriously~~

10. [+63, -7] Honestly speaking, it doesn't look too good if you're too skinny, boy or girl. From what I know, they weigh in the 50's so losing more from that...

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