Saturday, June 20, 2015

Nine Muses reveal more jacket photos from their album of Hyemi and Minha

[Naver: OSEN] Nine Muses Hyemi and Minha reveals behind the scene album jacket photos

1. [+274, -16] Their visuals are freaking amazing. If they were in another group, they would've become popular. Hyeri, Minah, Hyunah, and Kyungri are goddesses. Nine Muses is jjang.

2. [+214, -18] Freaking pretty... Their album looked daebak. I hope they can place first this time around.

3. [+159, -14] Wow, pretty~ The concept and colors brings an innocent feel. It looks really unique and pretty. Nine Muses the type of group where both guys and girls love.

4. [+159, -14] Nine Muses, do well!!!!!!

5. [+123, -17] Really pretty..

6. [+58, -5] Star Empire sucks at marketing... It's such a shame because the members are charming and good singers..

7. [+57, -8] If Minah gained a bit more recognition, she would've been the top amongst the girl group members ㅠ

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