Tuesday, June 16, 2015

'High Society' Episode 4

[Naver: X Sports News] 'High Society' UEE confesses about her family 'Crying kiss'

1. [+665, -14] Isn't Sung Joon liking her, first and foremost, for her background

2. [+461, -94] I can't stand UEE's crying acting

3. [+346, -44] The actors are refreshing and the drama's fun. I thought it was okay, people are so picky. All a drama needs to be is enjoyable..

4. [+209, -37] Sigh................

5. [+197, -43] Sigh.....

6. [+112, -7] Sung Joon's voice is like honeyㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah, I really like itㅠ I like Joo Ji Hoon and Sung Joon. They're actually both sexy.

7. [+115, -24] Sigh....I miss when Sung Joon was on 'Discovery of Love' with Jung Yoomi.. They matched each other so well and he looked so cool then

8. [+89, -14] I'm really liking Sung Joon~~ It would've been better if the female lead wasn't UEE~ What a shame~ I found it so uncomfortable staring at UEE's big eyes for an hour straight~ People says she looks like an angry owl~~ㅋ So burdensome~~

[Naver: X Sports News] 'High Society' UEE weeps on Lee Sang Woo's death "Everyone I love all end up leaving"

1. [+1482, -17] He's still probably alive....

2. [+1169, -20] Kyung Joon will come back.

3. [+919, -20] I thought he was an important character but he suddenly died;; Caught me off guard

4. [+795, -39] Honestly, it has an obvious storyline but it's freaking fun

5. [+696, -62] UEE, what's wrong with your face

6. [+183, -24] People might think UEE and Sung Joon had known each other for a few years. They're forcing the accident and the melodramatic lines and making their relationship go at LTE speed. It's awkward.

7. [+178, -22] Why are we even watching this if Lee Sang Woo's out of the picture now?

8. [+174, -22] I was watching this for Lee Sang Woo...What is this?

9. [+162, -15] The person who treated UEE well was her oppa though...

10. [+134, -13] The problem isn't their acting but the ridiculous flow of the drama.

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