Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hani x Ken collaboration for 'Gap'

[Naver: Dispatch] "Do we look sweet?"...Hani x Ken hand holding collaboration

1. [+210, -19] They've been friends even before they became popular, and now they're even doing a collaboration!!!! I'm really looking forward to the song~ I'm excited for Ken's charming voice and the lovable concept~ I heard Hani's voice for a bit in the teaser and it sounded great~~ I hope this collaboration hits daebak!!!

2. [+177, -18] I like both Ken and Hani so a collaboration is even better... I bet a nice song will come out from this since they're close already~

3. [+151, -15] I'll be looking forward to this song..

4. [+137, -9] I'm looking forward to the song..ㅎㅎI thought it would be a solo song so it feels a biiiit of a shame, but I'm still excitedㅎ

5. [+93, -7] Wow, the both of them look pretty...

6. [+ 36, -2] I'm an EXID fan, but I like Ken. He's freaking handsome and good at singing. I hope a good song comes out from this.

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