Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dating "reality" shows

[Naver: Segye Illbo] Confusion between virtual and reality? Stars kissing in variety shows

In reality shows these days, it's hard to differentiate between what's fake and what's real.

This is especially true for MBC's 'We Got Married'. For the one hour this show runs, viewers fall into the misconception that the couples are really dating. This is only natural to think because of the staff's manner. Since the beginning, the staff has claimed that the show runs without a script. They say that they only control situations (such as giving out missions), but the actions and words are solely reliant on the couples themselves.

The viewers fall into the genuine sides of the stars and feed onto how they feel, but when the couples part or when the star's real partner is revealed, they feel a sense of betrayal and disappointment.

Examples of this is from WGM's Oh Yeon Seo and Kim So Eun, who were big targets of criticism. Furthermore, not too long ago, Nam Goong Min gave great disappointment to viewers when he revealed in an interview that "Dating is not really possible" between him and his on screen WGM partner, Hong Jin Young.

On the show 'With You', Ahn Moon Suk and Kim Bum Soo brought great attention in sharing a bed together. They also shared a 'chocolate kiss' on screen.

On the show '5 Days of Summer', comedians Yoo Sang Moo and Jang Do Yeon fluttered the hearts of viewers with their kiss.


1. [+4358, -96] WGM really needs to be canceled.

2. [+3673, -63] Seriously...I was really surprised when I saw them kiss. They'll regret it later.

3. [+2657, -42] It's just like a drama is all it is..

4. [+2246, -146] WGM, With You, and Love of North and South; please cancel all these trashy shows. You think marriage is some kind of a joke?  They record themselves sharing a bed or kissing for the whole nation to see. It's so dumbfounding it makes me laugh. Do those people who come out on those shows have their head just for decoration or something? It's so pathetic.

5. [+1680, -48] WGM........

6. [+251, -10] They'll do anything for money

7. [+243, -10] The problem is that they'll act just as pathetic as stars who expose their breasts at the red carpet for the sake of going on the search rankings..

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