Monday, June 22, 2015

Bugs apologizes for spoiling results of 'Masked Singer'

Bugs Music is being under scrutiny for spoiling results of the show, 'Masked Singer'.

On Bugs Music's homepage, their message board was uploaded with: 'Masked Singer King Episode 12- Jung Eunji who shone (exclusive free full video released)' and even showed her picture. 


1. [+8770, -160] Get your act together!!!! This show is actually doing well right now so let's not make it end anytime soon!!!

2. [+6310, -103] So this is how they spoil it for us.

3. [+4575, -87] Does Bug Music already know all their identities?

4. [+2845, -84] What a lie~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
-It just seems like noise marketing for Bugs
-Reversal! Another singer wins.

5. [+467, -14] It's granted that MBC would want to terminate their contract with Bugs...the basis of this show lies in the secret identities of the singers...ruining that throws the fun of the program out the window.. They shouldn't be just "Sorry for the inconvenience" because this is a serious matter where it may have caused a big loss of viewers to the show...

6. [+372, -43] I don't like how the main pages of portal sites announce the winners right after it broadcasts either. If I miss the chance to watch an episode right when it airs and plan to watch it when it rebroadcasts but end up seeing the articles, it makes me not want to watch it at all.

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